The PIRAC and GFARC hosts a Caribbean first aid workshop - Pirac

The PIRAC and GFARC hosts a Caribbean first aid workshop

04 February 2022

The Regional Platform for the Americas and the Caribbean (PIRAC), through the READY Together programme, joined forces with the Global First Aid Reference Centre (GFARC) to host a first aid workshop and training session, at Sint Maarten, from 2021 November 9-14, to enhance the skills of National Red Cross in this area. Seven volunteers from Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Saint Kitts and Nevis, and Sint Maarten participated in the workshop. 

One of GFARC’s primary objectives is to work with Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societes to make people and communities more resilient through the dissemination of first aid techniques, resulting in a reduction in the number of deaths and the severity of injuries. The strengthening of National Red Cross capacities is also one of the key activities of the READY Together programme, which seeks to establish a pool of emergency response team members who could be deployed on the field in the aftermath of a disaster in the region.

The workshop’s goal was to refresh the skills and knowledge of Caribbean Red Cross volunteers following the release of the 2021 international first aid, resuscitation and education recommendations. The GFARC produced a first aid diagnosis, including a SWOT analysis and recommendations for every National Red Cross. The pedagogy used during the training promoted a learner-centred approach and equipped trainers with many innovative learning tools.

Specific strategies to develop commercial first aid programmes were shared with the participants in order to support National Red Cross’ activities sustainability. The volunteers also had the opportunity to learn about the International First Aid Attestation (IFAA) process, the IFAA being a recognition that the first aid training provided by a National Red Cross is consistent with the latest international guidelines updated every five years. 

Looking ahead, the envision is to create a pool of trainers of trainers for the region as well as contextualised programmes in order to have effective training and learners able to respond to emergencies with confidence.

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