Raising awareness on seismic risk: several PIRAC activities in Guadeloupe and Martinique - Pirac

Raising awareness on seismic risk: several PIRAC activities in Guadeloupe and Martinique

30 November 2023

Throughout November, various activities were carried out in Guadeloupe and Martinique to raise the general public’s awareness on seismic risk, actions to take and protective measures.


Replik 2023 in Martinique : « Avan la tè tranblé, An nou pran gad »

On November 24 and 25, the Village Replik was held in Schoelcher, Martinique, on the Place des Arawaks. It was organized by DEAL Martinique and PIRAC was mobilized through the “Fok Nou Paré” program.

This year’s theme was “Avant la tè tranblé, An nou pran gad” (Let’s get ready before the earth shakes), with the aim of raising awareness among schoolchildren and the general public on the risk of earthquakes and tsunamis, and on protection measures to face those risks.

A number of playful and educational  tools were presented to participants during the event: 

– Paré pa Paré 7-family game

– Word games on earthquake and tsunami risks

– How to put together an emergency kit

– Instructions in the event of an earthquake or tsunami

Semaine Sismik in Guadeloupe 

Throughout November, over 1,600 schoolchildren in Guadeloupe were sensitized to the earthquakes risk. Various awareness-raising activities were carried out during the Sismik week, organized by DEAL Guadeloupe from November 6 to 10, as well as in several schools. 

The aim was to activate the collective memory of past earthquakes and remind people of the importance of protective measures. At the same time, these measures ensure that school staff are better prepared to manage, protect and evacuate schoolchildren in the event of an earthquake.

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