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Protect yourself from Lahars

by Apr 12, 2022

⚠️ Following an explosive volcanic eruption, one of the risks incurred is a mudflow known as a “lahar”.

? This flow is made up of a mixture of water and volcanic rocky material and debris, which rushes down the volcano’s slopes at very high speed and spills into the river valleys.

? Lahars are very dangerous and extremely destructive, particularly in the event of heavy rainfall.

? They can carry away anything in their path, including buildings and bridges, and can travel great distances.

⚠️ Stay tuned to your local emergency radio station for weather warnings concerning the volcano area or the area you’re in

⚠️ Inform your neighbors of the danger and evacuate if instructed to do so.

⚠️ Remember that lahars can occur months or even years after the volcano has erupted.

⛈️ In the event of a heavy rain alert:

⚠️Restez stay away from streams, rivers, flood-prone areas or areas likely to be affected by landslides

⚠️Don’t try to cross the river valleys: even if you run, the lahars progress much faster than you do.

? Evacuate the area if you hear a rumble, or if local authorities instruct you to do so

⏫ If you don’t have enough time to evacuate, get to higher ground in the area you’re in