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Protect yourself from volcanic gases

by Mar 25, 2022

Protect yourself from volcanic gases and acid rain Following an explosive volcanic eruption, volcanic gases can be released into the atmosphere for several months, causing localized acid rain and downstream air pollution. Health effects vary according to the nature and concentration of the gases in the atmosphere, the duration of exposure and the individual’s sensitivity.

? Remain vigilant and be aware of the health effects of volcanic gases

⚠️En in the event of poor outdoor air quality:

? Stay indoors, close and caulk all openings (with plastic sheeting and tape, for example) Follow the recommendations given by local authorities and evacuate if instructed to do so.

? Moisturize, use eye drops and nasal spray to reduce irritation

??️‍♂️ Limit strenuous physical or outdoor activities.

? Avoid indoor pollutants (don’t smoke, use candles or gas stoves)

??‍⚕️ If you develop chest or respiratory symptoms, see a doctor.

? Keep your medication close at hand, and follow your prescription.

⚠️ People with asthma or cardiovascular disease, the elderly, pregnant women, babies and children are particularly sensitive to volcanic gases. Exposure to volcanic gases can aggravate health problems they already have.

⚠️ Specific masks that filter volcanic gases are not recommended for the general public, as they require testing and training in their correct use, maintenance and storage. Fabrics and masks designed to filter particles do not filter gases.