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Prevent the health effects of volcanic ash

by Mar 25, 2022

Prevent the health effects of volcanic ash by knowing the risks involved:

⚠️ Fresh ash is potentially acidic and abrasive.

⚠️ Short-term exposure may cause respiratory problems, eye symptoms or skin irritation.

⚠️ People with pre-existing chest problems may develop symptoms of severe bronchitis.

⚠️ Individuals most at risk are those with lung problems (asthma, bronchitis, emphysema) or severe heart problems, young children and the elderly.

⚠️ Falling ash can also have indirect consequences that can affect your health:

☑️ Road accidents, due to reduced visibility and slippery road surfaces

☑️ Shortages of basic products, caused by transport restrictions

☑️ Gastrointestinal disorders, following ingestion of contaminated water

☑️ Hygiene problems due to lack of water, particularly during epidemics.

☑️ Injuries and deaths linked to the risk of roofs collapsing under the weight of accumulated ash.

☑️ Slips and falls caused by slippery surfaces (floors, roofs, ladders)

☑️ Consequences of power cuts (spoilage of food in freezers, for example)