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Volcanic eruption: protect yourself with a mask

by Apr 12, 2022

When and how to wear a face mask following a volcanic eruption?

Which mask to choose N95 or FFP2: very effective at filtering ash, but may be too large for a child’s face Surgical mask: good ash filtration if the mask is correctly fitted to the face Other face masks, cloths or clothing are less effective at filtering particles Masks designed to filter particles do not filter gases. Stay indoors or evacuate the area if air quality is poor.

When should I wear a face mask?

If you have to go outside When you’re cleaning up the ashes, whether indoors or outdoors Don’t wear a face mask when you’re sleeping, as it impedes breathing If you have asthma, lung or heart problems, ask a health professional for advice on preventive measures and face masks you can tolerate.

How to adjust your mask

Choose a mask that fits you or your child’s face properly Wash your hands before putting on your mask Stubble can interfere with the mask’s fit and reduce its seal; shaving may be necessary If you wear glasses, remove them to adjust the mask Place the mask over your nose and mouth, and adjust the ties or elastics Use your fingers to pinch the nose bridge Breathe out to check that there are no air leaks, especially at the sides You can improve the seal of a surgical mask by tying a scarf loosely over it; this should not impede breathing Disposable masks are for single use only.