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11 ways to get prepared for an earthquake

by Mar 23, 2022

Prepare for an earthquake and know the seismic risks in your area

⚠️Soyez Be aware that you live in a seismic zone and that you need to adapt your home to prevent risks Secure the structure of your home

⚠️ Check that your home meets earthquake-resistant construction standards

⚠️ Keep your home in good condition Secure your furniture

⚠️ Secure heavy furniture to walls

⚠️ Move or secure objects that may block exits

⚠️ Secure water heaters, fuel tanks, gas bottles and electrical appliances

⚠️ Move beds away from windows, air conditioners and ceiling fans Prepare your family

⚠️ Teach all members of your household the right reflexes.

⚠️ Keep emergency supplies in an accessible place in your home.

⚠️ Identify a safe outdoor meeting place for the whole family