Producing drinking water from sea water in case of disaster in the Caribbean: a special training organized in Guadeloupe - Pirac

Producing drinking water from sea water in case of disaster in the Caribbean: a special training organized in Guadeloupe

17 June 2022

From June 20 to 24, the Regional Intervention Platform Americas Caribbean of the French Red Cross is organizing in partnership with Aquassistance and the City of Lamentin (Guadeloupe) a training to deploy a seawater purification plant in case of disaster.

Providing drinking water in the event of a disaster: a major challenge

As the hurricane season has just begun in the Caribbean, the question of access to water during a disaster remains a crucial issue: indeed, in most cases, drinking water distribution networks are totally damaged, and water supply is made difficult by the island context of the region. The people affected are then in a very vulnerable situation and depend on external support from other territories to obtain drinking water.

Technical training with specialized volunteers

In this context, PIRAC is organizing a special training session in partnership with Aquassistance and the Lamentin City Council (Guadeloupe) to build the capacity of volunteers specialized in water, hygiene and sanitation issues to deploy a mobile desalination unit requiring specific expertise and technical skills. During five days, more than 10 people will be trained through several theoretical and operational sessions. They will carry out field deployment exercises, in the presence of a technical referent from the International Federation of the Red Cross from Panama.

A first session had already been organized last year in 2021 to test and validate the capacity of the mobile desalination unit to adapt to warm waters and mangrove, type of ecosystem particularly present in the region.

For a more efficient and rapid response in case of disaster

Since its creation in 2005, PIRAC has trained many volunteer WASH (Water, Hygiene and Sanitation) team members from the French territories of the Caribbean and from countries in the region. The need to maintain a pool of specialized team members and to strengthen their technical skills is essential to ensure an effective response during emergency operations in the Americas and Caribbean.

The environment at the heart of the emergency response

With this type of expertise and technical equipment deployed, several hundred kilos of plastic waste per day are avoided. This is an effective way to ensure a more environmentally friendly emergency response, at a time when the region is suffering the consequences of climate change and the deterioration of ecosystems.

Aquassistance: a trusted partner

Aquassistance was created in 1994. It is an international solidarity association founded and supported by active and retired employees of the SUEZ Group. Aquassistance provides the skills of its volunteers and equipment to support projects around the world. The association provides assistance to vulnerable populations in the fields of water, sanitation and waste management, both in development aid projects and in emergency situations.

PIRAC has been working closely with Aquassistance for several years in order to strengthen synergies and cooperation between humanitarian actors.

The training is part of the READY Together program, funded by Interreg Caribbean, the French Development Agency and the Guadeloupe Region.

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