Our response capacity - Pirac

Our response capacity

In order to respond efficiently and rapidly to emergencies, PIRAC has 2 warehouses based in Guadeloupe and Martinique as well as 5 containers based in French Guiana.

This network of warehouses allows us to consider different types of emergency response depending on the existing transport vectors and the impacted area. This also limits the risk of impact on a warehouse in the event of a hurricane and allows us to maintain an operational response capacity at all times.

The humanitarian material pre-positioned in these warehouses (400 m² in Martinique, 200 m² in Guadeloupe and 70m² in French Guiana) constitutes emergency stocks pre-positioned for 5,000 people (basic necessities) and water treatment and drinking water production material for 12,000 people per day.

This material is in accordance with the standards of the Red Cross Movement, which allows the volunteers of each Red Cross beneficiary in the area to know the type of material and to optimize the distributions.

The type of material is divided into 2 main categories:

Basic necessities (non-food)
Water treatment equipment, production of drinking water, sanitation and hygiene awareness


Family kitchen kits
Tool kits for the reconstruction and reinforcement of houses
Reinforced tarpaulins
Cleaning kits for houses
Mosquito nets
Mobile water treatment units
A mobile desalination unit
Mobile chemical and bacteriological analysis laboratories
Motor pumps and generators
Water storage units from 1 to 10 m3
Water distribution ramps
Buckets and jerry cans
Material for the installation of latrines


In order to deploy these humanitarian stocks to respond to an emergency, PIRAC is constantly developing and strengthening its strategic and operational partnerships with various logistical actors.

Indeed, following a disaster, one of the key factors of the emergency response is time.

It is essential to be able to project humanitarian stocks and human resources rapidly as close as possible to the affected areas. For this purpose, PIRAC evaluates all means of projection (air, sea, road) proposed by its partners:

Armed Forces in the West Indies (maritime resources)
Armed Forces in French Guiana (airborne resources)
Civilian security (helicopters)
Foundations (Airbus / CMA-CGM)
Private sectors (CMA-CGM / Bolloré logistics…)
Associations (Sea Shepherd, yachting associations…)