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A new Warehouse Management System for Red Cross actors in the Caribbean region

03 October 2022

Warehouse Management System : A key element in disaster response

Struggles and hurdles with logistics and warehouse / stock management are often mentioned as a key disabling factor; preventing the teams from implementing a successful  and rapid response after a shock.  PIRAC and its partners in the Caribbean regions have therefore developed a new logistic management system (web based) to facilitate stocks and warehouse management across the actors of the RC/RC movement in the  Caribbean. 

An intuitive online platform to better manage logistics operations

The new platform, allows its user to manage their stocks in 100% digitized way from stock entry, to requisition, stock exits and sending, inventory management and provides the users with automatised key performance indicators reports. 

The tool has been developed to be multilingual (FR/ES/EN), lightweight and mobile friendly. Its user-friendly interface and offline function will allow National Societies and their logistic staffs and volunteers to easily manipulate the tools in all conditions whether during the regular management of the warehouse or in the field with low internet connection. 

A platform for regional cooperation 

By using the WMS platforms, PIRAC and its regular partners will be able to share real time up to date inventory and stock takes allowing swift decision making and mutualisation of efforts for a more efficient response. This will significantly enhance response capacities in the region by allowing the actors to mutualise preparedness and adopt regional pre positioning strategies that complement one another. 

This tool is therefore an effective means of strengthening coordination and cooperation within the Red Cross movement. 

Platform deployment: the first milestones are set

Through a webinar presentation of the platform that took place on 20 th September 2022, Caribbean region National Societies and technical partners were able to discover the tool and its features. 

Already a core group of 6 National Societies have accepted to adopt the tool and be the testing group of this new tool for the region. 

Should you have any questions about the WMS platform and its deployment in the region, contact : pirac-crf@gmail.com

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