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Retrospective of 2022

  2022 was particularly intense: many activities were carried out at various levels to...

“Water, sanitation and hygiene” training organized for several national Red Cross in the caribbean

The Regional Intervention Platform for the Americas and the Caribbean (PIRAC) of the French Red...

COP27: the PIRAC joins the OECS to address advocacy messages in favor of climate change adaptation in the Caribbean

From November 6 to 18th, the 27th International Conference on Climate Change will take place in...

French Red Cross Caribbean Regional Response Platform

The Caribbean region is one of the most disaster-prone regions in the world. It is mainly composed of states fragmented into isolated island archipelagos, which makes the delivery of humanitarian goods costly and more restricted. In this context, disaster risk preparedness and awareness are essential to increase the resilience of local populations. Indeed, in the face of global warming, the populations of the region must be prepared for the multiplication and intensification of hazards.

The French Red Cross operates in the Caribbean through the Regional Intervention Platform of the Americas-Caribbean (PIRAC), which allows us to concentrate our skills and means of response as close as possible to vulnerable populations. This increases the responsiveness and capacity to respond in the event of a disaster and allows for rapid action. PIRAC has been supporting the Red Cross in the region in the implementation of various actions since 2000.

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