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Legal Notices of the PIRAC

Conditions of use

The utilization of this Internet site is subject to acceptance of the conditions which follow. The French Red Cross reserves the possibility of taking legal action in case of violation of these conditions of use, particularly in the event of non-respect and unauthorized utilization of the names and emblems of the Red Cross and Red Crescent or in case of the violation of laws linked to the information, graphics, text, videos, audio files, photos and images and in general, the entire content of the site.


The emblems of the Red Cross and Red Crescent were created with the goal of protection: they indicate to injured soldiers that they can receive treatment in neutrality and impartiality, regardless of their origin, nationality, religion, political conviction, etc. These emblems and their designation should be respected. All unauthorized use of the emblems of the Red Cross and Red Crescent and their designation, are illegal and can be punished by French law, international humanitarian law, and the Geneva conventions.


In application of the French Legal Code concerning intellectual property and, more generally, international treaties and accords concerning the stipulations for copyright, it is forbidden for any utilization, other than private or educational, to reproduce, sell, diffuse, modify, publish partially or in its entirety, in any form whatsoever, the data, the lay-out or the organization of the site as well as the works protected by copyright which appear here, without specific written authorization beforehand, for which requests must be addressed to the webmaster.


Those responsible for online services who create links to this site are required to inform the webmaster for authorization beforehand. This Internet site may consist of links to other sites which are not under permanent monitoring. These links are considered useful and enrich the information on this site. The French Red Cross assumes no responsibility for these sites, especially as it pertains to the accuracy or the reliability of their information, data or the opinions which appear there.

Protection of personal information

You are asked to provide personal information, particularly while using the Contact form. The information which you provide is for the sole use of the French Red Cross and will not, under any circumstances, be transmitted to any third parties. All users having provided information, which directly or indirectly names them, can ask that their information be sent to the service administrator and have it corrected, if necessary, in conformity with French law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, concerning computers, files and freedoms. To exercise this right, contact the webmaster for this site and the national webmaster. Please be reminded that the confidentiality of material transmitted by the Internet is not guaranteed.

Exemption from responsibility

The French Red Cross takes steps necessary to ensure the reliability of information contained on this site. However, it assumes no responsibility for errors, omissions, or results which may arise from the material diffused. The only obligation of the French Red Cross is for the means of making this information available on the site. In the same manner, it is in no way responsible for virus infections or any other computer-related problem(s) which may be destructive.