Catalogue des outils de sensibilisation aux risques naturels - Croix Rouge Française
The Caribbean is constantly under threat from a number of natural disasters of both climatic and geomorphological origin.

Caribbean populations must be aware of these dangers and constantly strengthen their ability to respond to a disaster.

To guide them, governmental structures, international organizations and associations provide them with the key points concerning the dangers to which they are exposed, as well as what to do in the event of a disaster.

As part of the European Commission's INTERREG IIIb "Espace - Caraïbes" program, the French Red Cross has put out a virtual catalogue indexing all the natural disaster prevention tools developed by the different Caribbean structures over the last ten years.

Whether they be at the local or regional level, whether they come from governmental organizations or associations, whether their languages be English, Spanish, French or Creole, their purpose in this catalogue is the same: to share our disaster management culture across the Caribbean.

This catalogue lets you access the different communication tools used throughout the Caribbean either by downloading them directly, or by clicking on the link to the site of the organization that produced the document. You will also be able to post comments concerning the online document. For example the author can describe the document, inform the public on its terms for dissemination, etc.

We remind you that this is the launch edition of the catalogue. For this reason, some of the tools are as yet unavailable and certain formats not yet downloadable.

Please do not hesitate to use the contact link to send us your remarks and suggestions for improving the catalogue and, if you wish to send us your tools, just click on the "send your tools" tab and fill out the questionnaire.

We thank all of the organizations that have contributed to this catalogue and invite our readers to read "the rules for using the virtual catalogue".

Catalogue des outils de sensibilisation aux risques naturels - Croix Rouge Française
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